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With the launch of EPL, Pinnacle senior EPL trader was asked for his reflections on the movement he had seen thus far in EPL Season Totals. Here are a few thoughts he had to share as your window closes on what even he calls a “great opportunity for profit”.

“We opened our numbers at the start of July, and if you read our earlier article on this, you know we expected quite a bit of movement based on results of the transfer season, and general bettor opinion.

It’s interesting to note that the teams at the top of the table generally have been bet down, while those in the middle and bottom have been bet up. This is a general trend that seems to be true over the course of the last couple of years.”

EPL Outright Changes
Team: Opener Current Change
Chelsea 81.5 81.5 0
Man City 81.5 80.5 -1
Man Utd 80.5 77.5 -3
Arsenal 76.5 70.5 -6
Liverpool 72.5 65.5 -7
Tottenham 69.5 67.5 -2
Everton 52.5 54.5 2
Southampton 47.5 46.5 -1
Newcastle 46.5 46.5 0
Aston Villa 45.5 43.5 -2
WBA 43.5 43.5 0
Swansea 42.5 48.5 6
Fulham 41.5 43.5 2
West Ham 40.5 43.5 3
Sunerland 39.5 42.5 3
Cardiff 38.5 38.5 0
Stoke City 38.5 39.5 1
Norwich City 35.5 41.5 6
Hull 32.5 32.5 0
Crystal Palace 29.5 30.5 1


Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Spurs have all had points knocked off their totals. The Liverpool number actually got moved to 71.5 after a heartbeat of thought – it was a pretty aggressive opener anyway. Subsequent Suarez noise pushed it as low as 64.5, but it’s been pretty stable where it rests now.

After saying they would spend some of their massive cash reserves, Arsenal have had a terrible transfer season so far, making zero signings of note. (The current rumor has Luis Gustavo of Bayern Munich likely to bolster them at Defensive Midfield, but the season starts Saturday!). Manchester United have also seen their points total fall, partly due to failed signings, partly due to the Rooney situation, and partly due to a generally unimpressive preseason.

The confusing one in this block is Tottenham. Spurs have strengthened significantly, and it looks like they will keep Gareth Bale for at least one more year. If that’s the case, their current number may represent some value.

On the Up

Two teams have seen big bumps in their expected total numbers, and both of them have signed new forwards. Swansea added talent all over the pitch, including the impressive Wilfried Bony. Bettors seem to believe that Bony will help Swansea overcome their scoring doldrums beyond Michu, despite the fact that they also have to contend with the Europa League for the first time.

The other team to get a big boost is Norwich. Despite being defensively solid last year, Norwich were bereft of almost any creativity on offense. They signed Ricky van Wolfsvinkel from Sporting Lisbon, Gary Hooper from Scotland, Leroy Fer, and Nathan Redmond, adding bodies with some talent to the squad. Manager Chris Hughton did reasonably well to keep them up last season with very limited talent – a similar performance with better talent this year is judged to see them safely mid-table.”

As always, the question now is to decide where there’s value to be found. Are Norwich and Swansea really as improved as the markets suggest, or will there be an adjustment period to new parts that isn’t being accounted for?

Will clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal, who have been generally inactive, finally move in the weeks to come? Will Bale, Rooney, Suarez and David Luis stay in their present surroundings or will assorted rumours come to fruition? If your inclination on any of the answers is strong, you have an opportunity. It’s window closes Saturday.

*Odds subject to change



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