Colossus Bets – Pool Betting on European Football Matches

August 18th, 2013 | Posted by in Reviews

Colossus Bets is a pool betting website where you can bet on the results (both scores and outcomes) of sporting events. Colossus Bets operates pool betting games, which means that amounts staked will be placed into their pools and winning players will share the relevant pool less any deductions. Pool bets are offered on major European football matches. To win depends on the type of bets you have placed meaning for some bets you will will need to select the correct score in each of the matches while the other pools will require you to pick the correct game outcome, ie Home win, Draw or away win.

Their biggest bet called the Colossus gives you the opportunity to share in a whopping guaranteed prize of at least 5 million pounds. This requires you to select the correct score in seven football matches chosen by Colossus Bets. For more information click here to go there or see video below.

Colossus Bets Video


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